Craft Hunt Airplane Toy, Large size Foam Airplane DIY kit for 4 to 12 years, flying aircraft best toy for kids.

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Brand: Craft Hunt.
Model No: DIYA-001 to DIYA-005
Product Name: Foam Aircraft
Product Type: Toy Airplane
Color: Multi Color.
Material: EPP Foam Glider.
Age Group: 4 to 12 years.
Package Dimension:
Batteries required: No


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  • Craft hunt Airplane glider is made up of environmental friendly material i.e. EPP foam, light weight with good elasticity, best suitable for children’s toy and ensure their safety.
  • Foam Airplane help your little one to cultivate practical ability, observation ability sense of direction, improve their hand eye coordination and develop critical thinking ability.
  • It helps children to learn how to launch and control an airplane toy.
  • Foam Airplane consists of a body and two wings which are easy to assemble and dissemble, which stimulates children DIY interest and ability.
  • 3 Flight Modes — When the foam glider is on top, its sliding mode; when “Gyrant mode” hovers in the sky, it depends on the orientation of the tail. When you flip the foam plane it turns into “reverse mode”, try it now, it’s a fun flying toy for kids and adults.
  • Not only kids but whole family can enjoy happy time, it releases the stress and relaxes the mind and body.
  • It is safe for the child to play no battery no electronic function, if the foam plane hits the children won’t hurt the child.
    Use it in open area to play and have fun, also avoid damage for plane.

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 47 × 48 × 11 cm


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